A small selection of leathers other than cow, pig, sheep or goat.

As with all the leathers we stock these hides are by-products of animals which have been raised or slaughtered for meat production.


Order Code Type Price
(inc VAT)
SP 2262

Kangaroo hides
We have a small selection of natural veg tan Kangaroo hides from Australia

Sold by the hide only.

As these are harvested from the wild expect a range of natural marks on the hides.

One of the strongest leathers around.

3.75 sq ft: £50.00
(£60.00 inc VAT)

4.5 sq ft: £60.00
(£72.00 inc VAT)

4.75 sq ft: £63.33
(£76.00 inc VAT)

5 sq ft: £66.67
(£80.00 inc VAT)

5.5 sq ft: £73.33
(£88.00 inc VAT)
SP 2255

Horse hide
Limited stock of black glossy finish horsehides. 0.8 to 1 mm thick - approx 22 sq ft per hide.

Great finish and drape on these - some have occasional small holes in the hide.

£3.25 per sq ft
(£3.90 inc VAT)