Two piece Tubular rivets

AKA Rapid rivets - these two piece rivets are the most popular type of rivet - the two pieces are the stem and the cap.

Holes are made in the pieces of leather to be joined.

The stem is passed through the holes in the leather and the cap is clicked onto place on top of the stem.

A small metal anvil is placed under the stem, the rivet setting tool is rested on the cap and hit firmly with a hammer - this mushrooms the stem head inside the cap to form a permanent bond.

Two piece tubular rivets come in two types:

- Single cap

- Double cap

Machine rivets

These self piercing steel rivets have to be fixed with a machine - normally a foot operated press with suitable fitting tools.

Saddlers copper rivets

These copper rivets are more complicated to set and cruder in appearance but they are very strong and give a very old school look to your work.

Made from solid copper they consist of a stem and a washer.

Holes are made in the leather to be joined and the stem is placed on a solid steel anvil.

The leather is placed over the stem and the washer placed over the point of the stem. The washer is a very tight fit and must be driven down the stem using the hole in the copper rivet setting tool.

The protruding stem is cut off around 3 mm above the washer and 'mushroomed' over the washer using the anvil face on the setting tool to produce a smooth dome which firmly holds the washer in place.