here for Press Studs.

All press studs consist of 4 parts: - A, B, C and D.

Part A is the top cap - the stem passes through the leather and Part B.

Part C is the bottom section - the stem passes through the leather and part D.

Part B contains a circular spring which clicks over a ridge in part C to form a firm grip.

All press studs can be fixed by hitting the stem of A & D with a simple tool set and a hammer.

Different sizes and types of press studs need different setting tools.

Large Ring-Spring Press Studs F17 A/A

These are the strongest type of press stud and are suitable for a large range of products from denim jackets to car hoods. The diameter of the cap is 15 mm.

S-Spring Press Studs F20 A/A

In this type of press stud the spring is an S shape inside part B - the sides of the spring grip part C.

They are used on light fabrics, purses, and wristbands. They are not as strong as ring springs but are smaller and neater. The cap size is 13 mm.