New natural veg-tan leather won't need any preparation. But if there's any dirt, oil or wax on the surface it's advisable to wipe the surface with Dye-Prep (order code; C37).

If the leather has previously been lacquered you may need to cut through that finish with Deglazer (order code; C19).

Types of Dye

Fiebings Leather Dye (order code C09) is a spirit based evaporative ink type dye. A classic straightforward product available in 25 different colours.

Fiebings Professional Oil Dye (order code; C26) is a more intense colour with greater penetrative powers. The solvents in this dye are kinder to the leather and have less of a drying effect on the natural oils.

Our range of Angelus leather dyes (order code: C02) are equivalent to the Pro dye but with much less odour and also work for dip dyeing.

Tannery dye (order code C121) is a cross between solvent and acrylic dyes giving the advantages of both. Developed by Fenici for the Italian leathergoods industry to give a beautiful even colour. Can also be used on edges and the back of leather with no fear of it rubbing off and staining clothing.

Leather Stain (order code C99) is a non-flammable water based acrylic ink type dye.

Acrylic Antique Stain (order code C98) is a water based ink type dye which gives a muddier colour for a well worn antique look.

Acrylic Dye (order code C30) is a pigment layer that sits on the leather surface. It'll cover any previous colour but it is liable to physical damage.


Our C36 wool daubers or C36S sponge applicators are a good way to apply dye. Dip them in the dye and apply to the lightly dampened surface of the leather. Try to cover the whole surface with an initial light coat of dye. Repeat the process working up and down, from side to side, round and round and diagonally. This should prevent any streaks and give an even coverage.

Dip Dying  

We don't recommend this method with the C09 dye as the solvents in the dyes can dry the leather too much and lead to cracking. However the C02 Angelus dyes do give an excellent dip dye result. /p>


The most popular finishes are;

Carnauba Cream (order code: C12) - this mixture of natural waxes is applied with a soft cloth and buffs to a mellow sheen.

Resolene (order code: C54) is a flexible water resistant acrylic lacquer. Available in clear for coloured leathers and also in black which gives an intensity to leather which has been dyed with any of the above dyes.

We have taken every care to give accurate information here but leather is a natural material and we cannot guarantee every piece of information applies for every piece of leather. Please proceed with care!

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