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Walsall Leather Museum threatened with closure !

Please sign this petition ASAP, as the threat of closure is real.
The loss of the museum and library would be a blow to the people and town of Walsall and to the larger community of leather workers everywhere.
It is a wonderful example of a museum rooted in the community depicting the history and development of the various leather trades that flourished in the town. There is also a program of subsidised workshops and other events, introducing children and adults to a variety of crafts and arts. The museum has a collection of contemporary leatherwork and a unique library of books and trade catalogues which can be consulted by appointment with the ever helpful and knowledgeable staff. There is also a plan to close all but one of the town’s library’s. So if you have visited, or intend to visit, please, please, sign the petition.


Walsall Leather Museum